Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Q-Jerry Goldsmith

I Q-Jerry Goldsmith

Genre: Soundtrack | MP3 | 320kbps | 115 MB

01_.Main Title
02_.Boyds Comet
03_.Carage Stop
04_.Full Attention
05_.A Watch Left
06_.Cocktails For Two
07_.Motorcyle Ride
08_.Eds Wristwatch
09_.Lost And Found
10_.Tea Time
11_.The Idea
12_.Preparing Edward
13_.Coming Home
14_.The Speech
15_.The Stars Catherines Father
16_.Roses From The South
17_.The Test
18_.Phase Two
19_.At The Lobby
20_.Accidental Philosophy
21_.Opening The Cages
22_.The Sailboat Kiss
23_.Cheers To Atoms
24_.The Theorem Questioned
25_.Awaiting Catherine
26_.Chase After Catherine
27_.Cold_Fusion Confession
28_.The Compass Ed Leaves
29_.Time For An Accident
30_.Stargazers Field
31_.End Credits


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